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Christopher Belnap

Chief Executive Officer

Chris cofounded and launched Resilient Biotics in 2017. He holds a Ph.D. in microbiology, and his extensive research background has been focused on microbial ecology and microbiome-host systems. Chris has spent his career as a scientific leader investigating microbiome communities and conducting discovery of novel strains with unique functions. He has led Resilient through two rounds of venture funding to enable the development of the company’s novel respiratory microbiome products. Chris has previously developed microbials for both plant and animal applications in other successful companies including DuPont Pioneer and Taxon Biosciences.

Rachelle Galvin

Chief Operating Officer

Rachelle Galvin is an experienced leader of scientific innovation with a unique mix of scientific expertise and business strategy acumen. She holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology and contributed to the discovery of multiple therapeutic candidates and marketed products during her 25-year tenure at Eli Lilly and Company. At Lilly, she held numerous scientific and leadership positions, including two years at Elanco Animal Health. Within Elanco, she facilitated organizational change, process improvement, and strategies for disruptive technologies. Rachelle has also consulted for numerous biotechs and start-ups to develop and implement plans to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace.