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Todd DeSantis, formerly of Second Genome, to join Resilient Biotics as Vice President of Bioinformatics

Resilient Biotics, a leader in the field of respiratory microbiome therapies and products, is thrilled to announce the hiring of Todd DeSantis as Vice President of Bioinformatics. Previously, Todd served as Vice President of Informatics at Second Genome, where he was instrumental in building a world class multi-omics discovery program that has led to prominent partnerships and lead therapies now progressing through clinical development. Prior to Second Genome, Todd was a staff scientist and software developer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he developed groundbreaking bioinformatic tools and databases used by researchers all over the world. Todd holds a number of high-profile patents and more than 70 peer-reviewed publications.

“Todd has been a prominent figure in the microbiome field since the early days.  We are extremely excited for him to join our team and drive forward discovery analytics in the respiratory microbiome” said Dr. Chris Belnap, Resilient Biotics CEO. “He brings a wealth of experience developing bioinformatics and data science approaches for complex microbiome data.”

“Discovering the connections between mammalian diseases and the complex microbial components of aerosols and respiratory tracts was the driving force behind technology developments early in my career at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory” said Mr. DeSantis. “When I met the team at Resilient Biotics, I was excited that they have applied their platform using similar approaches for non-antibiotic therapeutic discovery.  I’m excited to scale the data platform to address a growing worldwide concern of respiratory threats with live biotherapeutics.”

Dr. Rachelle Galvin, President and COO, further commented about the company’s excitement to work with Mr. DeSantis. “We are delighted to welcome Todd DeSantis to the Resilient Biotics team. He brings the scientific expertise and leadership to take the Resilient Biotics analytics platform to the next level and achieve our goal of becoming the recognized leader in developing respiratory microbiome therapies.”